There has been a significant abundance of jewelry brands around the world recently, this is why Dana Reda aims at being a brand that contributes to changing the lives of those in need.


A substantial amount of each collections’ profit goes to addressing a recognized cause, which will be reflected in the inspiration and the designs of the jewelry; one which the designer would like to support and raise awareness of. 


We know that any help, no matter how little, could absolutely help in making a change in someone’s life. Our aim is to support the charities that are not properly advertised for, as we know those are the ones that need the donations the most; this is why we have decided not to work with just one specific organization, for the time being. 



Dana Reda’s passion for art and jewelry started at a very early age, she has had the eye for design since she was a young girl. She then went on to study Jewelry Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, working briefly in the jewelry industry afterwards.


She felt the need to do something more purposeful in life, that is why she decided to volunteer with children in need. She loved it, but felt the desire to pursue a career that combines both her passion for designing jewelry and her love for helping people; especially children as they are the closest to her heart. 


Each Dana Reda piece is handcrafted in Egypt; currently made of 18K Gold Plated Sterling Silver, and embellished with semi-precious gemstones.

Each piece is uniquely handcrafted, making it slightly different in terms of the shape and color of gemstones, as all gemstones used are natural.